Our Mission

To empower our clients to care for the Earth’s future through sustainable, environmental and cost effective initiatives.

Public DepotsMunicipal Depots

Public Depots (Open to All)

      Municipal Depots (Residents Only)

      ArnpriorLandfill site @
      658 River Road, Braeside
      Bonnechere ValleySites @
      957 Sand Road
      213 Snodrifter Road
      1002 Larmond Road
      2213 Ruby Road
      3091 Foymount Road
      Carlow MayoCarlow @
      7 Pinecrest Road

      Boulter and Mayo @
      35844 Hwy 28, McArthurs Mills

      Head Clara MariaStonecliffe: Landfill site @
      67 Kenny Road
      Horton TownshipSite @
      2082 Eady Road, Renfrew
      Killaloe Hagarty RichardsLandfill site @
      1049 Mask Road
      Madawaska ValleyLandfill sites @
      Bark Lake 21956 Hwy 60
      Wilno 17961 Hwy 60
      Combermere 242 Old Barry’s Bay Road
      McNab BraesideLandfill Site @
      573 Calabogie Road, Arnprior
      Whitewater TownshipRoss @
      990 Kohlsmith Rd.,

      Cobden @
      off of Highway 17

      Westmeath @
      1597 Westmeath Road

      About Redi Recycling

      Electronics and Battery Recycling Depots

      Redi Recycling Inc. is an approved Ontario Electronic Stewardship service provider including a broad collection network, repack and consolidation operations located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. We provide a network of convenient electronics depots, offered by our partners.

      Environmental Consulting

      Joseph Hall, owner of Redi Recycling, provides environmental consulting services to governments, municipalities and industry organizations to enable waste diversion systems to divert maximum amounts of waste from landfills across Canada. Support is available for extended producer responsibility programs, community recycling systems, landfill management and monitoring, composting systems, hazardous waste management and construction and demolition waste diversion.

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